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13 Tips To Save Money On Your Next Cruise
Saturday, 02 February 2008
cruise dining room You may not have realized it, but we’re in “wave season” – the period between January and mid-March when the most cruise vacations are booked. This is significant, because this is when the cruise lines compete for your business, making it easier to get a good deal.

That doesn’t mean you’ll get your cruise cheap, however. MSNBC travel columnist Christopher Elliott recently noted that with fuel prices continuing to rise, those sneaky fuel surcharges will still be tacked onto your bill (and even, Elliott notes, retroactively billing cruise customers after they’ve paid in full).

Your best weapon, should you have your heart set on a cruise, is your understanding that the cruise lines desperately want your business. And knowing that there are tricks to get you a better deal. For starters, know when the best time of the year is to sail – Christmas and New Year’s are, surprisingly, under booked, and you can get a better price on a cruise. Also, skip the air-cruise packages (you can almost always get a better deal on airfare, especially here at, if you book separately) and book with a “preferred agent” who has a relationship with the cruise line you wish to book – they can get 10 to 20 percent off most bookings. is a preferred agent for NCL, Holland America and Royal Caribbean.

Among Elliott’s more unconventional tips: Get the cruise’s “soda sticker” for unlimited soda, but bring your own large-capacity mug so you aren’t constantly asking for refills, and get your travel agent to say that you’re a VIP – you may get an upgrade at no extra charge.The entire article can be found at .
Last Updated ( Saturday, 02 February 2008 )
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