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6 Ticket Rules You Ought To Know
Monday, 05 November 2007
airline tickets According to MSNBC’s travel columnist Christopher Elliott, there are six important airline ticket rules that every traveler should know about. Specifically, rules that are detailed in the ticket tariff, a lengthy document that lays out every rule, regulation and bit of legal minutiae to such an exhaustive degree that most folks never bother to read all the fine print.

Among the niggling details you should look for are, of course cancellation rules (Elliott notes that one carrier’s “cancellation any time ticket” actually charges a change fee, and refuses refunds to passengers who don’t show up at the airport in person), processing fees charged to issue refunds to your heirs should you die before using your ticket, and carriers who say they’ll credit the difference should your fare decrease but actually issue vouchers instead.

In the article (which can be read in its entirety at, Elliott notes that the lengthy –and suspiciously complicated – tariff documents may work against the airlines where customer satisfaction is concerned. Travelers get angry when they look at the tariffs and realize how many added fees, charges, and rules against refunds there are, and may decide to take their business elsewhere.
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