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Welcome to We have searched the internet to find the best deals on domestic flights, international flights, car rentals and hotel reservations. Our community members post their experiences to help make travel easier for everyone. You do not need to sign up to post to our forum, just come on in and post your comment, question or suggestion.

Our domestic and international flights are booked through our flight consolidator database. Consolidator flight tickets offer tremendous savings off of conventional published airfares. Your actual amount of savings depends on the consolidators' contract with the airlines and your itinerary. is one of the oldest independently owned travel agencies on the web, we have been operating since 2001 and provide outstanding customer support. We have a very detailed FAQ section that answers your questions regarding airline consolidators or you can reach a travel agent via email.

As a visitor, you can check out and post to our forums, visit our directory of travel information, view all of our destination information pages and you can always Ask A Travel Agent a question. Please enjoy your visit and feel free to email us with any questions you may have.
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An Explanation About Travel Agent Fees
Wednesday, 11 July 2007
Image I wanted to add a note to the news article I posted yesterday. I received an email from a friend regarding how I could refer to travel agents with the statement "leave it to the pros who cost you nothing" since the last time she had to purchase airline tickets through her local travel agent, she had to pay $35 per ticket – their standard ticketing fee.

Most agencies do charge a ticketing fee for things that they don't make any or very little money on, like airline tickets, car rentals and sometimes hotels but in most cases they do not charge on larger ticket items like tours, cruises, resort packages, etc.
Polls: Flying and Travel Agents
Tuesday, 10 July 2007
ImageLast month's poll "Does flying make you nervous?" had 125 votes with 55% of the respondents saying "Yes". Almost exactly half of the Yes votes found that the hassles of flying is what made them nervous. Understandable considering the changing security regulations and the steep rise in flight delays and overbooked flights.
Tame The Airlines With Rule 240
Thursday, 05 July 2007
Image The next time an airline cancels your flight or strands you due to delays, let them know that you’re aware of Rule 240. Back in the long-ago days before deregulation, Rule 240 was a regulation that required airlines to compensate flyers for inconveniencing them. It’s now an all-purpose term used to nail down the circumstances under which a carrier must compensate passengers. The trick is to know what your airline’s policies are before you travel, and to print out a copy of the rules in case you need them. Airlines are supposed to keep a copy of their own Rule 240 at every ticket counter, but just in case, you should have a copy yourself.
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