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A Checklist for Animal Safety During Summer Travel
Tuesday, 27 July 2010
Summer travel can be stressful for pets who are going along for the ride, according to a recent study done at Purdue University. In response to the results of this study, has created a list of tips to help pet owners keep their pets happy and healthy during summer travel.

Planning ahead is vital when it comes to traveling with a pet. If traveling by air, pet owners must provide proof that their animal is healthy, which means a veterinary check-up prior to the trip. Vets can also prescribe medication to help keep pets calm during travel. Pets should also be wearing tags with proper identification and pet owners should have vaccination records and the proper licenses with them during travel. Pet owners should also check with the airline for the dimensions allowed for the carrier and be sure to use a sturdy one. The words LIVE ANIMAL should be written all over the carrier, with arrows indicating which way is up and the pet owner's name, phone number, and address should be included on the carrier.

When traveling by car, pet owners should ensure they have plenty of toys and other supplies and that they stop frequently so that the pet can eat, drink, and get exercise. Travel is not recommended for small animals, such as birds and reptiles, as it is too stressful for them.

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