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Abruzzo: Pure Italy
confetti in Sulmona Last spring I traveled to Abruzzo, Italy at the invitation of the Italy Tourism board. The hospitality and the region were both wonderful. When I got back home I realized I had taken enough images and video to put together a quick travel video tour of the beautiful Abruzzo region, covering Guardiagrele, Lanciano, Capistrano, Sulmona, Castelli and Civitello del Tronto. This will be the first in the long line of videos we will be producing here at

Abruzzo: Pure Italy

The Region of Abruzzo Italy is a timeless place of astounding beauty.

Home to Italy's largest national park, this area is also blessed with numerous regional and city parks. Abruzzo has scores of picturesque villages and museums that include artifacts that both predate and include the Roan empire's time in this region.

Abruzzo was an important area to the Romans. Most towns were named and founded during the Roman period. But it was always separated from Rome by the imposing Sasso Mountain Range.

Guardiagrele is and entirely medieval fortress town at the pinnacle of a hill, like many villages in Abruzzo. It's imposing church and centuries-old devotion to the crafts of iron work and threadwork make it a charming spot to visit. Oh yes, and they make great pastries.

Sulmona, famous throughout Italy for its candy flowers, called "confetti", holds a commanding spot at the foothills of the mountains. Every Easter, the huge town square is filled for staged celebrations of the reunion of Christ and Mary at the resurrection.

The original Roman aqueduct for the town demarks one end of the town square.

Lancianos' lovely town square boasts both a striking medieval and baroque church across from one another. Local flag wavers celebrate Lanciano's long history as a civic and religious center for this region.

Capistrano, another medieval fortress town with a commanding view, was the childhood home of St. John of Capistrano, better known to Americans by the mission in California named for him, San Juan Capistrano. The view from the parapet of the original fortress is particularly striking.

Civitello del Tronto is a huge fortress built by the kingdom of Naples, who ruled this region for centuries, to guard a strategic mountain pass between two regions of Abruzzo.

Within the fortress walls you can visit the original barracks, soldier's church, see the massive bell used to sound the alarm and imagine what life was like in this beautiful but lonely outpost.

Visitors will be happy to know that you can reach the fortress summit by escalator! And enjoy gourmet dining or spend the night while you are there.

One of Italy's most renowned ceramic centers, Castelli has many shops and museums for the ceramics lover.

There is so much to see and do in Abruzzo it's pure Italy!
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