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Access to Your Files While Traveling
Friday, 18 January 2008
Image While entrusting your precious documents to somebody else’s web server may sound a little nerve-racking, there are times that it simply makes sense to have a solid back-up in case of disaster – like, say, your computer dies, or you lose the flash drive that holds all your data. And, in this increasingly digital world, we find ourselves doing a lot of work while we travel, and we need to know that we can access our vital information no matter where we are.

Enter the Web-based storage solutions, which offer large amounts of space on remote servers so that users can retrieve documents no matter where they are, so long as they have an Internet connection.

DOCommand ( is one such service, offering space so that you can store and retrieve authentic copies of passports, itineraries, e-tickets, and lists of travelers check and credit card numbers from anywhere in the world. Simply scan and upload your documents, place them in your “E-vault,” and then you can print, e-mail and organize the documents any way you like.

Another new Web storage service is Digital Bucket ( The service is still in beta, so right now you can only sign up for 1GB of storage – but it’s free. Paid plans will cost $15 per year for 2GB of storage, with additional account options up to $150 for 25GB.  Digital Bucket offers a photo album feature, so you can store, sort and browse your digital photos while you’re traveling. Business travelers can edit Word and Excel documents, and view PowerPoint presentations without having to install any additional software.

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