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Finding the ALL In All-Inclusive Resorts
Thursday, 27 March 2008
resort all inclusive An all-inclusive resort is an attractive option when youíre planning a vacation Ė after all, everything is already paid for before you arrive, so you can just relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about money. Right? Well Ö yes. But the level of accommodation and the quality of the included extras vary from resort to resort, so do your homework before you book.

In a recent Travel & Leisure article, writer Andrea Bennett recounts an experience at a Cancun resort that featured ďan insipid buffet; a filthy, crowded beach; and many extra feesĒ (noting that alcoholic beverages were included in the price, but bottled water wasnít) and suggests you ask the following questions:

Will you use everything thatís included? A seemingly expensive resort package may include extras like sailing, scuba diving, all beverages and even laundry service. If you plan to take advantage of all thatís offered, the price is worth it.

Will you want extras that arenít included in the price? If you plan to golf, play tennis or take diving lessons and itíll cost extra, find how much and factor it into your budget. You may find that another, higher-priced resort that includes the amenities youíll use is actually a better deal.

How easy is it to get what youíve paid for? Bennett says to look for red flags like water sports that are actually far away from the hotel, extra fees for equipment rentals, and on-site restaurants that require reservations well in advance of prime meal times.

You can read more at the CNN website .
Last Updated ( Thursday, 27 March 2008 )
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