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An Alternative To Conventional Travel Insurance
Thursday, 14 October 2010
MedjetAssist offers travel insurance protection of a different sort, protection that can save a life where other forms of insurance might fail. When traveling and possibly in a country in which the doctors and medical staff do not speak English, you might be left at the mercy of the mercy of the medical team. With fear and pain a real issue, these doctors might make a wrong diagnosis or miss something entirely. This happened to Eileen Shirk from Ohio, who is a MedjetAssist member and who has a broken vertebrae that the medical staff in Acapulco missed.

Many times while traveling the medical staff will not deem a transfer medically necessary and many other travel insurance policies do not cover transportation to another medical facility. This is what sets Medjet apart from the others. With Medjet you can be transported to a predetermined hospital of your choice, whether or not the medical staff deem it necessary. This is the kind of coverage that results in peace of mind when someone is traveling so far away from home.

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