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Avoid Using Debit Cards At Hotels
Tuesday, 17 June 2008
hotel checkin It may be second nature to hand over your debit card rather than cash, but you might want to reconsider the next time you check into a hotel. More and more hotels are asking guests for a credit card to cover incidental costs like snacks, phone calls and Internet service – but that also increases the chance for mistakes in billing, and some guests find that their checking accounts have been cleaned out due to an accidental double-billing by a desk clerk.

If you use a credit card, this can be annoying but not terribly serious. Your debit card, on the other hand, pulls money directly from your bank account, and most of us can’t afford to have several hundred dollars go missing, especially while we’re traveling.

A recent story in USA Today found that there’s no industry standard for putting hold on credit cards – some hotels just register the number in case there are outstanding room charges, while others may put a $50 (or more) hold on the card that takes several days to clear after the guest has checked out.

“We have a sign on our counter that tells what's required, and we do not recommend using a debit card,” Jeanne Hizon, sales manager at the Executive Hotel Vintage Court in San Francisco, told USA Today. “It's sad, but a lot of hotels fail to tell guests” that money will be frozen in their debit account.

You can read more at USA Today's website.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 17 June 2008 )
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