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Avoiding Sneaky Travel Fees
Saturday, 26 January 2008
Image Despite your best efforts to budget, traveling often means getting hit with unexpected fees – and while each seems small, they add up quickly. So keep an eye on all the little add-ons, and do what you can to avoid them. The savings at the end of your trip will be worth the effort!

Don’t pay that excess baggage charge, for starters. What good is shopping for the lowest airfare if you pay as much as $100 for extra or overweight bags? If you can’t travel light, check out services that ship your luggage ahead for you – sometimes they can cost less than what the airline charges and are a lot more convenient than schlepping your own bags.

If you do check baggage, beware of fees for curbside check-in. What was once a courtesy now costs $1 per bag at some airports, depending on which carrier you fly – but Southwest, JetBlue, Delta, Continental and Hawaiian still offer the service for free. But it is still stylish to tip your skycap, even if the service is free.

If you plan to stay at a high-end hotel, ask in advance if they charge a “resort fee.” As ridiculous as it may sound, many hotels are now adding an extra $10 to $25 per day to room rates to cover things like shuttle services, your morning newspaper, and towels at the pool – but the fees are rarely advertised, and you can’t opt out even if you don’t plan on using those amenities.

And finally, beware of cruise lines that take advantage of your thirst. The cost of soft drinks on some cruises can put a real dent in your wallet, running a couple of dollars each every time you grab a cola or a club soda. On Princess Cruises you can purchase a special card for $3.95 per day on 13-day trips, but a better deal is to drink for free – kid-friendly Disney and Crystal cruise lines include non-alcoholic beverages in the price of the cruise. Which is a big plus, since some kids soda habits could come close to doubling the price of your cruise.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 26 January 2008 )
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