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Bangkok's New Airport Breaks All Records
Exterior of Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok Imagine being the poor people responsible for promoting the grand opening of the new airport in Bangkok. A few days before the big event, your country has a coup. Luckily for them, the coup had minimal impact on tourism and the event went off as planned.

At 563,000 square meters, the Suvarnabhumi Airport passenger terminal is currently the largest in the world. Its world's longest runway, 75.3 meters by 4,000 meters long and world’s tallest control tower, 132.2 meters high will enable the airport to manage approximately 76 flights per hour.

As of September 28, 2006, Suvarnabhumi Airport will replace Don Muang airport as Bangkok's primary airport for all commercial airline flights. The official opening gives new impetus to the country’s quest to make Bangkok and Thailand the aviation hub of the region with the capability to serve 45 million passengers per year.

Interior of Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport opened its runways to commercial domestic test flights on July 29, 2006. The six participating airlines — Thai Airways International, Bangkok Airways, Thai Air Asia, One-Two-Go Airlines, Nok Air and PB Air — successfully operated a total of 21 flights in and out of the new facility. Thai Airways has started 3 domestic routes since 15 September 2006, with flights to/from Phitsanulok, Ubon Ratchathani and Chiang Mai and 4 international routes since September 22, 2006, with flights to/from Seoul, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Wondering already what the name Suvarnabhumi actually means? It means “The Golden Land” and that is what Thais have always called Southeast Asia.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 11 August 2009 )
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