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Burglary Prevention Tips for Your Summer Vacation
Wednesday, 18 May 2011
One concern many travelers have is keeping their home safe while on vacation. This is a valid concern since many burglars prey upon empty homes. While there are only 2 in 100 homes broken into each year, most travelers would prefer their home wasn't one of the two. There are a number of steps that can be taken by vacationers that will help them ensure that their home and belongings are safe while they are away, the first of which is to avoid posting about your vacation on social networks such as Facebook. If you absolutely must post, then keep it off of public networking pages, which are prowled by burglars.

Other tips include making your home look lived in by using timers for lights and using something like FakeTV, which mimics the flickering light that comes from TVs when they are in use. Ensure that your mail and newspaper delivery are stopped or that a neighbor collects them, ensure you have good locks and a good alarm system, ensure that valuables are not easily visible from the windows, be prepared in case something is stolen (such as backing up your computer hard drive and using a protection password), and label your possession and determine how far you want to go to protect your valuables. After all, the protection of your home is consuming in terms of both time and finances.

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