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Save up to 60% on Business Class Flights with Consolidator Tickets!

Save up to 60 Percent on flights Airlines traditionally have three travel classes:
  • First Class - provides the highest quality of comfort available
  • Business Class (Executive Class) - high quality, traditionally used by business travelers
  • Economy Class (Coach class) - basic accommodation, mainly purchased by leisure travelers
Recently, wealthy fliers are choosing private planes and many businesses are becoming more fare-sensitive, therefore the differences between classes have become less distinct as the airlines try to better compete.

Most business class airfares can be prohibitively expensive. But finding cheap flights for corporate business travel is not really that hard to do, in fact you can find flights using our flight consolidator database that can save you up to 60% off of conventional published business class flights!

Some airlines merge their international First and Business classes into a premium business product, others add a Premium Economy class cabin to the Business Class cabin. Some air carriers offer only Business and Premium Economy Class service while other airlines offer flights with only a Business Class service.

Most low-cost carriers only provide an Economy Class, by saving money on the costs of extra services and amenities, savings can be passed on to the consumer. Additionally, by eliminating the large seats found in Business and First Class, more seats can be installed on an aircraft thus lowering prices further.

Generally, Business class passengers have a lavatory reserved for their exclusive use. Due to newly enforced security regulations, economy class passengers are not allowed to visit the business class cabin thus adding to the aura of exclusivity.

Amenities in business class vary widely by airline, plane type, and itinerary. Don't assume that all amenities will be the same for every flight, you should always check with the airline first if you have any expectations or requirements.

Member of both ASTA and IATAN When at the airport, business class fliers usually have a separate check-in area or sometimes they may have a separate line for boarding. Some airports in partnership with an airline may provide a business class lounge that offers food and drink as well as magazines and newspapers and many times web/email access.

Food and drink in business class is considerably better than what is usually found in economy class. You will find many times that you will be given menus and will be served on porcelain plates. Also, the drinks are free (they should be considering what the flight cost).

And of course the final goody: when deplaning, you'll be the first out of the plane and the first into the immigration and customs lines... that alone may be worth the price!