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Frequent Business Travelers Can Have Their Clothes Delivered
Monday, 23 May 2011
When people travel, baggage gets lost, clothes get wrinkled, and time is lost. While this is a mere inconvenience for many, for the business traveler this could be disastrous. That is why Eclozets has come up with a courier service that will ensure that a business traveler can have their clothes delivered right to their destination. This eliminates the need to pack luggage and hope that it arrives with you.

Eclozets will not only deliver a business traveler's clothing, but will pick it up at the end of the trip, take it to their sorting location, have it all dry cleaned, and prepare it for the next business trip. That makes the process completely hands-off for the business traveler. This is a completely unique concept that is becoming increasingly popular. Eclozets is based in Florida and services the east coast and some of the mid-west. They plan to expand to nation-wide service by 2012.

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