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Do Your Homework Before You Cruise
Wednesday, 19 March 2008
Image The folks at the Los Angles Times travel desk recently offered ten smart tips for taking a cruise. Rather than the usual advice on how to save money or what to tip your bartender, writer David Molyneaux provides wisdom that can only come from hard-earned experience Ė if you book a cabin with a balcony, for example, figure out which side of the ship the sun will rise and set on before you commit. And unless youíre on the most luxurious of cruises, donít expect fresh-daily seafood and produce, because the ship most likely stocked it provisions back home. Other advice from the LA Times:

Even if the cruise line says you donít need a passport, bring one. You really donít want to be stuck outside the country without it Ė and make sure you know what your health insurance covers, just in case.

Keep an eye on the small expenses. Your shore excursions, beverages, trips to the spa, and Internet use may all come with a price tag, so donít lose track of how much money youíre spending. It can add up quickly.

If you donít have children, donít book during school holidays, because ďfamily-friendlyĒ cruises may be loaded with kids. And of you intend to bring a child of your own, get the details regarding what activities are available for kids before you book your cruise.

The article offers more handy tips Ė youíll find it at the LA Times Travel page here .
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 19 March 2008 )
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