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Europe Airfare Savings Tips
Wednesday, 21 May 2008
airplane The dollar doesn’t stretch very far in Europe these days, but at least you can save a little on your airfare. The travel writers at the Los Angeles Times recently offered a few tips on finding bargain fares – mostly, it just involves being a savvy shopper, which you probably already are, seeing as how you are reading this at But if you want MORE tips, read on!

With the recent “open skies” agreement, there are more flights between the U.S. and Europe than ever, so use the carriers’ competition to your advantage. Shop the spring sales, which experts say are offering lower transcontinental fares than last year – prices for summer travel will increase, but if you can go now and find a great deal, do it.

Also, watch for new routes, because competing airlines will usually offer discounts to match the lower introductory fares. The LA Times also notes that fares to Heathrow are a good deal, since the open skies agreement has created 21 percent more flights between London and the U.S. – so fly into Heathrow and then travel inside Europe from on one of the many low-cost carriers that have sprung up in Europe over the last few years.

The rest of the LA Times article that give even more tips can be found here:
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 21 May 2008 )
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