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Extra Duffel For Dirty Clothes
Friday, 16 November 2007
duffel Keep your stinky socks and other dirty clothes from contaminating your clean clothes while you travel by packing an extra, empty duffel bag in your luggage. Use it for a laundry bag during your trip when its time to go home, you can slap a tag on it and check it with the rest of your bags and have lots of free space in your regular luggage for you precious souvenirs.

Also remember to carry a stain treatment stick in your luggage, which are available now in travel sizes. That way, you can treat stains when they happen, so they wont be set before you get home. A handful of Ziploc bags are a good idea, too that way, you can separate items that are damp, such as swimsuits, so you wont have musty, moldy clothes in your duffel on your return.
Last Updated ( Friday, 16 November 2007 )
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