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Extra Glasses On The Road
Thursday, 24 January 2008
Image Packing a spare pair of prescription glasses is always a good idea when you travel, but what if the worst happens anyway and you find yourself without your specs? Donít freak out Ė itís not the end of the world.

Just make sure that you have a copy of your prescription tucked away with your important travel papers. If you have that, you can get a new pair of glasses or contact lenses made at any optician (although if your prescription has expired you may have to pay for a new eye exam.) Ask what they can do quickly, since fancier frames may take longer to fit. You need serviceable glasses fast, not high style.

If you want to get glasses from your own optician and you can wait a couple of days, express mail can get them to you much more quickly than you think. But your best bet is still the classic Ė pack an extra pair of glasses in your carry-on bag, just in case. Because you never know and most of us travel to SEE things.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 24 January 2008 )
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