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FakeTV Helps Travelers Prevent Burglaries
Tuesday, 21 June 2011
One of the greatest fears of every traveler is that their home will be broken into while they are away on vacation and indeed this scenario does happen in many situations. Burglars target empty homes so many travelers are now using something called FakeTV, which is a product that is intended to mimic the light that comes from a TV.

The light from a TV flickers and changes as the scenes on the TV change and FakeTV is designed to mimic these flickering lights. When a person is looking at a window from the outside the FakeTV looks just like the real thing and there is no way to tell the difference. This makes others think someone is home and that means that travelers who use the device are less likely to be broken into.

 FakeTV is made by Hydreon Corporation, which is a technology company based in Minnesota. The device costs about $35, but can save a traveler hundreds.


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