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Finding the World's Best Spots To Take Pictures
Tuesday, 26 October 2010
Photographs have been the traditional way in which travelers capture their trip so that they have memories that will last a lifetime, but what if they could easily find the absolute best photographs form the very beginning of their trip? is a website that allows people to post great photos along with the details of where the photograph was taken.

This idea was born from the desire to know ahead of time the best spots to take photos, something that is frequently asked on travel forums. Details about a photograph location include directions to get there, parking, best time of day to be there, fees, and any other relevant information. Users looking for photographs can search the website by location or category. Co-founder Juan Jose Reyes says that they wanted to create a free resource for photographers and enthusiasts to learn about a place before they go there. Then they can find the best photography spots.

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