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American Airlines and Delta Airlines Cancel Flights
Thursday, 27 March 2008
Image American Airlines and Delta Air Lines canceled hundreds of flights today as they continue their inspections of wiring bundles on some of their planes.

American, which is the largest airline in the U.S., canceled 132 flights of its estimated 2,300 flights scheduled for Thursday after they canceled 325 flights on Wednesday.

Delta expects about 275 cancellations through tomorrow, affecting about 3 percent of their worldwide flight schedule.

American said it began its inspections after an audit of the carrier found incorrect spacing between two bundles of wires in the plane's auxiliary hydraulic system, and those wires must be installed precisely to an FAA directive.

The inspections come almost three weeks after the FAA ordered a check of all U.S. airlines' maintenance records. That was after controversy erupted over its handling of missed safety inspections at Dallas-based Southwest Airlines.
Last Updated ( Saturday, 29 March 2008 )
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