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Four Things Not Covered By Travel Insurance
Friday, 20 May 2011
Marketing Manager at, Sarah Byrne, says that it is important for travelers to understand what is and is not covered under their travel insurance policy in order to avoid frustrations later on. There are some things that are generally not covered no matter what coverage a traveler gets and travelers need to be informed when it comes to this aspect of travel.

There are four things that are rarely, if ever, covered under any insurance policy. While some insurance policies may offer compensation for missed connections or delayed flights, they generally will not compensate travelers for under booked and overbooked flights. When it comes to pregnancy, policies do not generally cover it, although there may be some policies that will cover trip cancellation due to complications with a pregnancy. Policies also do not cover trip cancellations due to war in the destination country. Finally, insurance policies mental and emotional disorders, which is often assumed by travelers who have policies that cover medical issues. It is advisable in situations like these that travelers get a cancel for any reason benefit in their policy.

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