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Fun on The Forum
Friday, 15 December 2006

ImageWe're getting more and more postings on our Forum and I am hoping you can stop by and answer some questions from members who need your expertise.

Member billkesslr is planning a trip to France next May and would appreciate any recommendations on place to eat in Paris, places to stay in Normandy and some help in determining if a car or a train is the best way to get around France. All of his postings has netted him three $10 gift certificates so far! Member countryheart22 is hoping ...

to find a cheap cruise in April. I will be posting info on repositioning cruises after that time but if you know of anyting, give her a shoutout.

Member tlyndon wanted to add some tips on dealing with language barriers and many more people have made requests. Stop by the forums and take a look around and get in on the conversation. You need to ba a member to post so you can become a member by filling out our short form here .

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