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Get Back Your Lost Luggage
Thursday, 12 June 2008
Image Previously, we lauded Stuffbak as a clever way to mark your valuables and, hopefully, get them back if they go astray. A loss-and-recovery service, Stuffbak sells labels to mark your cell phone, PDA, laptop, jump drive, digital camera, eyeglasses and other items with an identification code and an 800 number that can be called when they’re found. The service reports a return rate of 75 percent, and now offer a variety of label options in addition to the single-purchase labels, including a “rugged pack” of pre-activated aluminum labels and tags, and an “employee service pack” for businesses, with 15 six-label kits and 24-hour e-mail notification and priority handling.

Now a similar service is available specifically for your luggage. Trace Me luggage tags ( are durable, airline approved luggage markers for suitcases, laptop bags and briefcases, each with a unique serial number and bar code. Your personal details don’t appear on the tag, but if your bag goes missing then handling agents at airports, train stations and bus depots can either scan the bar code or call in the serial number to report the bag. A text message is sent to your phone or PDA with details on how to recover the item. Although they are a UK company, they take payment in dollars, so we are assuming they offer services in the U.S.. You should confirm this prior to purchasing.

Stuffbak labels run from $4.95 for a small, cell-phone sized label and up. Trace Me tags are $22.53 for a single tag, or $35. 95 for two tags.

Update: We've been contacted by another company that has a comparable service called TrackItBack with a number of diferent sticker or tag options. Check them out if you are looking to protect your valuables


Last Updated ( Thursday, 15 September 2011 )
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