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Getting the Most from Frequent Flyer Miles
Wednesday, 15 March 2006
What's better than a bargain? Why "free", of course. Frequent flyer program tickets aren't totally free - you have to spend money to earn the miles but by smart buying of things you were going to buy anyway, you can earn a few tickets a year. If you travel a lot for business and your employer allows you to accrue the miles in your name, you can end up with a lot of air miles and a lot of "free" tickets.

Where's a good place to start on earning air miles? Well consider what you might want air miles to do. That big overseas trip or visiting a family member once or twice a year using a local carrier. The first choice means you need a big international carrier, but an frequent flyer program with the local cerrier makes more sense on the second choice.

Of course, it get more complicated. Being able to make side-by-side comparisons on the dizzying array of frequent flyer programs is smart for someone starting out or someone who wants to make sure that the program they are with now will match their long-term goals. Two sites that do this well are ($24 annual fee for member ship but some info is free) and with loads of info and free weekly email with updates on programs.

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