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Consolidator tickets for flights to Greece

Things to do and see when visiting Greece

Delphi - site of the Oracle of Apollo.

Mount Olympus - the highest mountain in Greece and home to the Olympian Gods.

Greek Islands - There are so may islands around Greece, including the Cyclades, Sporades, Ionian and Saronic.

Olympia - birthplace of the Olympic Games.

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Save up to 60 Percent flights Welcome to our Greece travel page, you will find great ideas for things to do while in Greece as well great ideas for planning ahead. Officially known as the Hellenic Republic, it is located in southeastern Europe, on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula. It has borders with Albania, the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria to the north, and Turkey to the east.

Members of both IATAN and ASTA There is nothing like getting travel advice from someone who either lives in Greece or visits there often, such a person is Matt Barrett, his Greek Travel page has a tremendous amount of information to help your planning.

Of course some of the best information you can get will be from the Greek National Tourism Organisation, their site is filled with useful information on such things as attractions, accommodations, transportation and other general travel information. Also, the Greek Embassy in Washington D.C. is a fantastic source for news and useful information from The Hellenic Republic.

We have found a great photo travel guide to Greece filled with beautiful pictures, satellite images and maps. This site also has information on popular tourist destinations.

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