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Holiday Travel Survival Review
Monday, 14 January 2008
holiday air travel The holidays are past us (unless you count Valentineís Day Ė but thatís not really a big travel holiday, is it?) so looking at holiday survival techniques may seem a little, well, after-the-fact. But now is the best time to examine what you did wrong or right during the hectic winter travel months, and plan ahead for next year.

The Seattle Times helpfully produced a piece on Holiday Travel that offers a good checklist for holiday travelers. Most of the suggestions are fairly common-sense Ė like check your flight times before you leave for the airport, pack lightly so you only need a carry-on, and heed whatever the current security rules about gels, liquids, nail clippers and other threats to national security.

But there are always one or two things we forget. Like, donít wrap the Christmas presents that you stash in your luggage. And be aware of how much time you have to make connections, because if you miss a flight that leg of the trip may not be refundable and you can't do your Christmas over again.

Of course, by next year youíll have forgotten all of this. Unless you print out the article, make a list for yourself and put it in your suitcase for the next time you pack. Which, now that we think about it, isnít a bad idea Ö
Last Updated ( Monday, 14 January 2008 )
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