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How To Become A Travel Writer In The Digital Media Age
Tuesday, 03 August 2010
Travelers who would like to enter the profession of travel writing now have a new resource to help them launch their new career. Gone are the days of print media and most of the publications on becoming a travel writer are now out dated. Travel Writing 2.0 is a new book that covers the topic of travel writing in a whole new way, helping aspiring travel writers to understand the new twists and turns of this form of media in the digital age.

In the book readers will find solid advice from more than 65 experienced travel writers, publishers, and editors. Many different media are represented, including the traditional magazines and guidebooks as well as blogs, eBooks, and webzines. The author of Travel Writing 2.0 blog, Tim Leffel, says that this book covers the business and money-making aspects of travel writing, unlike books that have been published in the past. Published by Splinter Press, the book will be available in August at and major online book retailers.

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