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How To Turn a Business Trip Into A Travel Opportunity
Monday, 09 August 2010
So many people travel for business and many of them go to fun and exciting places around the world. ToursByLocals, a company based in Vancouver, is of the mind that the business traveler should be getting the most out of their trip by being a tourist too and they offer a number of tips that will help any business traveler see more of the local culture without spending any extra time doing so.

Plan to stay in a smaller hotel, not one of the big chain hotels. This way you will be better able to experience the culture of the city in which you are staying. When getting together with colleagues for lunch or at the end of the day, skip the hotel bar and get out on the town. What better way to see the sights. Checking out the local cuisine is another way to experience the local culture and websites such as Chowhound are a great place to check out what your travel destination has to offer. You can also sign up with a local tour if you have the time, but if your time is limited hiring a private tour guide will also allow you to see some of the sights. These private guides can customize your tour to fit your schedule and with over 700 tour guides in 85 countries, ToursByLocals can hook any business traveler up with a local tour guide.

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