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Local Airport Transportation
Friday, 12 October 2007
Image Pretty much every travel agent worth their salt has a copy of Salk International's Airport Transit Guide sitting somewhere on their desk. It's the go-to guide for every form of transportation to and from over 400 airports worldwide. I turn to it regularly to help folks who have purchased tickets with a connection from JFK to LaGuardia, have to make a meeting downtown the same day as their flight and all of the other questions that come from folks visiting and purchasing tickets from

So I was pleased to see that put together a simpler, greener version of the Airport Transit Guide links directly to public transportation systems that connect to airports throughout the U.S. City public transportation systems are generally cheaper, faster and get you to the places you want to go, while using less resources doing it. Many airport websites come up short on public transportation information because they assume that harried travelers would rather spend the extra dough and take a cab. If you take the time to read up on your destination's subway, metro or bus system before you leave, you will find it easy to save money and energy the next time you are in a new town. Plus, some cities transportation, such as San Francisco's BART and Los Angeles' Metro, are a great way to see the city.
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