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Losing Your Child's Passport Can Be Big Trouble
Monday, 03 March 2008
Image A little-known rule could become a major inconvenience should you lose your child’s passport while traveling abroad. If you’re a single parent, the original agreement by the non-traveling parent no longer applies when seeking a replacement passport. A second agreement is necessary from the non-present parent, which could lead to real problems if you don’t have the paperwork.

So – if you’re a single parent traveling out of the country with your child, make sure you have a notarized, blanket permission for the issuance of a new passport for your offspring, and keep it separate from the original passport in a very safe place. Otherwise, you’ll need to track down the stateside parent and have then fax a new, notarized permission document to the U.S. Embassy … and by that time, flights could be missed, and entire vacations thrown into chaos. So be prepared!
Last Updated ( Monday, 03 March 2008 )
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