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Money Saving Travel Tips
Wednesday, 11 February 2009
Beach Vacation In these tough economic times, anyone that can afford to travel will be looking to save as much money as possible. There are a few things that the thrifty traveler can do to keep expenses down and not all of them require a significant amount of sacrifice in either comfort or safety.

The Guardian has published an excellent list of ten ways to make the current global financial crisis work in your favor. We have listed them here along with a link to the article that also includes further links to many of the places mentioned in the article.

1. Book an apartment
You might have to make your own bed, but at least you can lie in as long as you like. Savvy travelers looking to offset the falling value of the dollar are increasingly considering renting an apartment rather than a hotel.

2. Ask for a no-frills alternative
Tour operators are taking a leaf out of the supermarkets' book by introducing value-brand holidays.

3. Haggle for a hotel
Hotel rates are notoriously blurry. The rack rate quoted on a web site is not necessarily the lowest rate available, so it is always worth contacting a hotel directly to ask what their best price is, and then asking whether that really is their best offer.

4. Take a package
Conventional wisdom used to dictate that do-it-yourself holidays always came in cheaper, but with operators desperate to get butts on seats, there are some startlingly cheap package deals out there - especially if you're looking to book last-minute.

5. Join the club
A number of web sites collate the cream of the crop, and then fix deals with the hotels to ensure the best prices.

6. Swap your home
Since the economy started to pinch, home-exchange sites have been doing a roaring trade.

7. Camp in the sun
Camping is a great budget option as long as the sun shines...

8. Go all-inclusive
Believe it or not, it is possible to stay in an all-inclusive that doesn't involve being frog-marched to the pool for fun games, all-you-can-eat buffets and the feeling that you're actually imprisoned on vacation.

9. Live it up in Vegas
According to, accommodation prices in Sin City have dropped by 20% in a year as Americans tighten their belts.

10. Become a courier
Courier flights - where you get a reduced price ticket in return for assisting in the delivery of a package to a destination - are not as common as they once were, but nor have they disappeared altogether.

Read the rest of this excellent article on the Guardian web site.
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