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Find Your Way Through Airports With New GPS Terminal Maps
Monday, 30 May 2011
The big airports are just that – big. And they can be very confusing for anyone who isn't catching a flight every week. Travelers trying to find their way through a large airport can have a difficult time, which is made stressful when running late or trying to make a connecting flight. has released the new iFly Pro app and it now has GPS capability that links to their airport terminal maps. This means that users can easily identify where they are in the terminal relative to where they need to go, whether it is their gate, the lounge, or the restroom. has been featured in the NY Times and on the Today Show, and has been called “the most comprehensive airport guide online” by Travel and Leisure magazine. In addition to the GPS capability, also features flight tracking and information on carry-on/baggage regulations, airport security ID requirements, traveling with kids and pets, and many other aspects of navigating the airport. Ifly Pro is available from the iTunes App Store

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