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Flights to North America with consolidator tickets

Save up to 60 Percent on flights Welcome to our North America travel page, we have found some great links to make planning your next trip to North America easier and of course less expensive.

If you are looking to find cheap international flights to any of the countries in North America, you will find our consolidator database can save you up to 60 percent off of regular published airfare prices. Our database is updated daily with new inventory so please check back often to find the best flight to match your budget.

To help in your travel research, you can find airport, airline and airplane codes here as well as other airline industry jargon. If you are a student traveling to North America, the International Student Travel Confederation site is filled with great information.

All American travelers should make sure they check the U.S. passport services office to find out how to obtain, replace or change a U.S. passport.

Here are some great resources to help enhance your next North American trip:

The Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership is a Canadian government agency created to showcase Ontario as a four-season must-see travel destination at home and internationally.

VIA Rail Canada maintains a very nice web site where you can book train trips online.

The Canadian Tourism Commission maintains a great site as the official business site for Canada.

If you are a Canadian citizen and are planning a trip to either the U.S. or Mexico, the Canadian government offers some valuable traveling tips at their web site.

A great resource for traveling to Alberta is the Alberta Travel & Tourism Guide which offers detailed info on accommodations, tours and much more.

If you are traveling to Mexico, a great site to find spas, beaches, archaeological sites, food, crafts, golf courses, and much more is the Mexico Tourism Board.

You may also wish to visit the Mexico Travel Guide to locate your favorite hotels, restaurants, nightlife and tours.