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Packing Liquids Per TSA Regulations
Our video covers all the new TSA rules for carrying liquid toiletry items in your carry-on bags when flying on your next trip. If you break out in a cold sweat , thinking that you'll set off the security alarms when you travel, get familiar with new rules and you will have nothing to fear.

Don't be intimidated by the new regulations regarding liquids in your carry-on bags. Just check out this video and stop by your local drug or discount store, pick up what you need and you'll be ready to go!

If you plan to travel by air, you'll need to know a few rules about transporting liquids in your carry-on bag. You are allowed to have
3 oz. Or less bottles in
One 1 quart zip top bag with
One bag per traveler.(End graphic)
These rules limit the amount of total liquid volume per person and makes it easier for TSA inspectors to see what you are carrying.

Other liquid items that are necessary for health or medical reasons, such as insulin, freezer paks or baby formula can be brought on beyond the regular TSA limits but require TSA Security to be notified and be presented to an officer separately at the time of screening.

Remember, the TSA restricts liquids, gels and aerosols. You can bring, without restriction, any solid personal care items such as lipstick, lip balm and solid deodorants. It's probably a good idea to think of your toiletries pack in 2 parts, the TSA restricted and everything else.

What to bring in your TSA pack? I don't bring shampoo, shower gel or soap when I know the location I am staying at will supply those for me. Here are a few of the items I pack : Graphic

How do you get around the hassle? Well, these rules only apply to carry-on luggage - if you ALWAYS check-in baggage, you can just put your liquids in your check-in bag. Many people however, want their toiletries with them, even if they regularly check-in baggage in case their luggage is lost or delayed. And some folks like me who like to travel light would prefer not to check-in bags, so if you only bring carry-on bags, you should expect to go through this procedure every time you fly.

It's a good idea once you have set up your toiletries and TSA bags, to just put them away between trips and have them ready to go the next time you plan to travel.

Remember, 3 oz or less in 1 bag, 1 per passenger. Separate TSA restricted items from your other toiletries and keep them easy to access in the security line.

For more travel tips, stop by our website at See you on the road.

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