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Pet Travel Passports
Tuesday, 29 January 2008
dog in carrier You’re planning a European dream vacation and you plan on bringing your four-legged best friend. So … does your pet have a passport?

While the old quarantine laws no longer apply, there’s still more involved in bringing a dog or cat into Europe than just packing up a pet carrier. British Pet Travel Schemes (PETS) allows pets to travel from the U.S. to England and EU countries, but you have to get Mr. Whiskers’ his own documentation – similar to a passport, with a photo.

To get the legal paperwork, your pet must be microchipped with an International Standards Organization (ISO) readable chip, and you’ll need to provide proof of current vaccinations. Remember that the rabies treatment is actually a series of three shots over a 21-day period, so make sure you plan early for this necessary procedure.

Your paperwork from your veterinarian should include your pet's date of birth and age; the microchip number, date of insertion and location of the microchip on the animal; the date of rabies vaccination; the vaccine product name and the batch number; and the date booster vaccinations are due. Also, if you bring a pet into Britain, they’ll need to be treated for ticks and tapeworm by a USDA-accredited vet inside 48 hours before you leave.

More information – including advice on whether to tranquilize your pet for the flight and considering weather conditions for pet-friendly travel – is offer by MSNBC here:
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 29 January 2008 )
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