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Photocopies Are A Travelers Friend
Wednesday, 05 March 2008
copy machine Be organized when you travel - safeguard your important documents. Make copies of all your paperwork Ė your passport, your tickets (or your itinerary with the ticket numbers on it), your I.D., your credit cards, your travelerís checks, necessary medical documentation. And do this for everyone in your family, too.

Documents can be lost, damaged or stolen, but if you have copies youíll not only know what might be missing, youíll have all the information needed to report it or get replacements. Just donít keep these copies with the originals Ė stash them securely in your room, in a safe if one is available, and pack them discreetly in your carry-on bag when traveling.

Also: Make a list of phone numbers you might need to call for money, to report missing credit cards, and back-up numbers for family members in case you canít reach your primary contact. And keep your physical passport close at all times Ė in an interior pocket of your clothing, purse or messenger bag, where it canít be lifted by pickpockets. But just in case it goes missing anyway, take a few minutes to register with your local embassy when you are traveling overseas, which will save time should you need their help later on.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 05 March 2008 )
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