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Poll: Airport Security
Monday, 26 March 2007
Image It seems our visitors are split right down the middle regarding how well the Transportation and Safety Administration Department (TSA) is doing its job of protecting the traveling public. Fifteen percent of our visitors said “Yes, definitely” to whether the TSA is doing a good job with airport security. Another thirty five percent answered “Yes, but they could do better”. On the opposing side, twenty seven percent replied “Not really” when asked if the TSA is doing a good job, with another twenty three percent giving a resounding “No”.

Considering that most of us experience the TSA at the airport as another hassle in the travel experience, clearly many people understand that with all the inconvenience they cause, the TSA workers are vital to the safety and security of airline passengers. Hopefully the systems behind them will become smarter, more efficient and tougher to bypass.

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Last Updated ( Monday, 26 March 2007 )
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