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Consolidator tickets for flights to Russia

Things to do and see when visiting the Russian Federation

The Kremlin - Russia's walled fortress now home to the President of Russia as well as two major museums, four cathedrals and three palaces.

Red Square - this is possibly the most famous city square in the world.

The Hermitage - one of the great art museums of the world. There are over 3,000,000 items in its collections.

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Save up to 60 Percent on flights Welcome to our page dedicated to Russia travel. When planning your trip, be sure to visit the official site of the Federal Tourism Agency of the Russian Federation this is a very large site covering travel and tourism in the Russian Federation.

For even more detailed information, visit the The Complete Guide to Discovering Russia web site which provides community features, Russian city guides and interactive marketplaces where Russians and those interested in Russia can exchange information, obtain news, and have access to virtually every topic or subject having to do with Russia. Our 8th Year

Interested in train travel? The Trans-Siberian Railway spans about 6,000 making it the longest continuous rail line on the planet. This site has details on the railway system as well as some of the major cities that it travels through.

If you are planning on visiting any museums, be aware that museums and sightseeing places take only cash, no credit cards are accepted. So make sure to have plenty of cash on hand to cover any entrance fees, photographic fees (some museums charge a fee for using cameras and video equipment), tours, souvenirs, meals and transportation. If you are looking to find cheap flights to Russia, please try our consolidator database. Our database is updated daily with the inventory of some of the largest flight consolidators in the U.S.

The consular info sheet for the Russian Federation has up to the date information from the U.S. government regarding traveling to the Russian Federation. Finally, the U.S. passport services office provides information and services to American citizens about how to obtain, replace or change a U.S. passport.