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Sometimes It Pays To Take A Picture
Monday, 15 January 2007
Image If you are not a stickler for details or even if you are, here's a tip you might consider. When you are packing for your next trip, bring the camera into the room where you are packing. Figure out what you need or use a checklist and lay everyting out on the the bed. Take a picture. Then pack it all in and take another picture. Why? Well, for two good reasons. First, you will have excellent evidence for reimbursement if for any reason your luggage is lost. The default amount that airlines reimburse is paltry indeed and proof that your goods were worth more may get you more money. Second, when you go to repack, you will have an reference picture to help you make sure you have picked up all your odds and ends. It's amazing the rather large and important items you can forget to repack in a tired rush that always seems to occur near the end of a trip.
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