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Stop Airplane Ear Pain
Wednesday, 10 January 2007
A common travel discomfort associated with flying is ear pain. It usually occurs on takeoff, but can be particularly acute on landing. It is caused by air at being trapped in the ear that is at a different pressure level than the pressure level inside the airplane's cabin. When this pressure changes due to takeoff and landings and if the ear cannot adjust this internal air pressure, you feel the pain.

The most common problem that blocks the ear's natural adjustment system is a cold or ear infection. If you have a cold be sure to take a antihistimine or decongestant prior to getting on board. Decongestant spray is also a good choice to get a last minute improvement. If you think you may have an ear infection, be sure to check with a Dr. prior to flying on a plane. Not only can an ear infection on a plane be exremely painful, it can actually do damage to the ear.

If you don't have a cold and just want to minimize the discomfort, the old standby is chewing on gum. Also sucking on hard candies, yawning or drinking water helps the mouth cavity adjust the air in the ear. Sucking on a bottle can help babies who often are very sensitive to cabin pressure changes. If someone around you has an infant, give them this tip, they will really appreciate it.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 02 April 2009 )
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