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The Hazards of Running Out of Gas
Monday, 25 April 2011
With the high cost of fuel many people are not filling up their gas tanks to full and are trying to stretch each tank of gas as far as it will go. Unfortunately, for people out on the highways, that can mean running out of gas and AAAwarns people that running out of gas can be more than a mere inconvenience.

Running out of gas can cause damage to your vehicle that can result in costly repairs. This is because running on empty can cause the fuel pump pickup to be clogged by the sediment that rests at the bottom of the fuel tank. The electric fuel pump in the tank can also overheat and that costs about $500 to replace.

Besides the potential damage to your vehicle, running out of gas can be dangerous. You can be stranded in the middle of a busy highway and you can lose your power steering and power breaks. Of course, this can be avoided by watching the fuel gauge and by keeping the recommended minimum of 1/4 tank of gas at all times. Drivers can save on gas by driving slower and following the most efficient route. Drivers can also find the cheapest gas with tools available on the AAA website.

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