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The Land of Lost Luggage
Sunday, 31 December 2006
Image We’ve done a few articles lately on the dangers of lost luggage for weary traveler. Well, in case your suitcase never made it to you, its final destination may be . These folks have contracts with several major airlines to sell off those items that are never claimed at the baggage carousel.

Going to the website and looking at the items for sale, it really is beyond belief that people didn’t claim the baggage that these items came out of. With millions and millions of pieces of luggage per year however, I guess some are just going to slip through the system and its amazing what you will find.

The items on the website are usually expensive brand names, mostly in new condition and are not a huge markdown from the original prices,. The often have electronics, travel items and outerwear, such as coats, since those are often the items people leave on airplanes. The website itself only shows a very small fraction of what is available in the two stores located in Alabama. But for pure voyeuristic fun, this website is a hoot and a reminder NOT to leave your baggage behind.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 23 May 2007 )
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