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Tips For Staying Healthy This Holiday Season
Monday, 15 November 2010
When traveling during the holiday season our regular routines often get left at home and that includes routines and regimens that have to do with health care. In addition to talking to their pharmacist before going on a trip to ensure they understand about the usage and storage of their medication, the American Pharmacists Association (ASA) also provides a number of tips to follow while traveling.

Travelers should be sure to pack plenty of medication, extra in case of emergency delays, and to ensure that these medications are stored in the proper manner. All medications should be stored in containers that are appropriately labeled. All travelers taking medications should carry with them an up-to-date vaccination record and list of medications with them and they should have a plan in place to adjust their medication regimen should the need arise. Medications should always be kept in carry-on baggage and all travelers should be aware of what foods and beverages might conflict with their medications.

In addition, travelers going by road should be cautious of “Drugged Driving” a condition in which medications might impair the driver. Travelers should also be sure to get enough rest, eat a healthy diet, and engage in proper hygiene.

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