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Friday, 28 March 2008
ginger travel cure Writing for the travel website Tripso, flight attendant James Wysong offers a number of simple remedies for various ailments that strike travelers while in flight. Some are common sense, some are old-school home remedies, and all are worth noting. Among them:

If you find yourself needing to sneeze, place your middle and index fingers beneath your nostrils and above your upper lip, and press firmly until the urge to sneeze disappears.

Leg cramps can usually be nipped in the bud by getting up and walking around – but on a crowded plane, that may not be easy to do. Try eating one or two teaspoons of yellow mustard (tonic water’s another good remedy, because of the quinine).

Ginger is a centuries-old remedy for nausea, so if you feel air sick try eating some crystallized ginger or taking ginger capsules – if you don’t have either, ask the attendant for some ginger ale.

For more remedies, check out Tripso .
Last Updated ( Friday, 28 March 2008 )
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