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Travel Gadget Roundup At Consumer Electronic Show
Saturday, 08 March 2008
Voltaic Generator The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is like Disneyland for techies – chock full to the brim with gizmos, gadgets and state-of-the-art doodads designed to make our lives easier – and that includes the business traveler. recently took a look at some of the newest tech tools that both business and pleasure travelers will adore. Among their finds:

The Voltaic Generator ($599) from Voltaic Systems is set to hit the market this spring, offering real power for those who’ll be traveling off the grid. It’s a laptop bag covered in solar cells, generating up to 14.7 watts after a day of direct sunlight. The bag’s big enough to carry a laptop, and adapters let you recharge items like your cellphone or mp3 player on the fly. Trips & Pics ($89.95) offers a portable GPS device that attaches to your digital camera, automatically recording your position, time and direction at timed intervals. Made by Pharos Science and Applications, a leading manufacturer of GPS applications, the device serves as a “geo-logger” that allows users to easily record trip and photo locations and display them on a map. All the information can later be downloaded onto your computer via USB connection and used with Microsoft’s Streets & Trips software. It hits stores in January.

If you appreciate a device that multi-tasks, you’ll like the features offered by Sony Eriksson’s new W760 cellphone (around $100 after rebates and incentives). Sure, it’s another a phone that stores music – but it also comes with a GPS navigation system, stereo speakers, a 3.2-megapixel camera. It’ll be out later this year.

Some gizmos debuted at CES are already available – and one of them’s even free. HP’s website iPAQ Navigate ( lets you create and edit customized itineraries complete with restaurants and points of interest with directions and addresses, then you can print it out to take along with you. Better still, if you already use an HP IPAQ 300 Series navigation device, you can upload your itinerary onto the GPS an hit the road.

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 06 March 2008 )
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