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Consolidator tickets for flights to Uruguay

Save up to 60 Percent on flights Welcome to our Uruguay travel page. Uruguay is located in the southeastern part of South America and is bordered by the countries of Brazil and Argentina. Approximately half of the population live in the capital and largest city of Montevideo. It also has the distinction of being the second smallest country in South America. Members of both ASTA and IATAN

When planning your next visit, make sure to visit the official site of the Uruguay Minister of Tourism. This great site has lots of detailed information about some of the country's best destinations like Punta del Este, considered South America's most famous resort. Also, you can find links to the many hot spring resorts located throughout the country such as the Hot Springs of Arapey and the Hot Springs of Salto Grande.

If you are looking to find cheap flights to Uruguay you will want to try our consolidator database. Our database is updated daily and can save you hundreds of dollars by providing you with savings of up to 60 percent off of regular published fares.

Make sure that you review the consular info sheet for Uruguay for information from the U.S. government regarding traveling to Uruguay. Next, don't miss the U.S. Passport Services Office web site which provides information about how to obtain, replace or change a passport. Finally, the

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
provides detailed vaccination recommendations as well as information about specific diseases that affect foreign travel, you will also find tips on traveling with children and much more.