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Voice Mail To Email
Thursday, 10 April 2008
Spinvox Life continues even when we’re out of town. And calling to check on your voice mail when you’re traveling usually involves scrounging for a pen and spending precious vacation time listening to a lengthy backlog of messages. Now, London-based SpinVox offers a clever solution – software that “listens” to your messages for you, then uses voice-recognition and artificial-intelligence technology to translate the messages to text and then send them to you in email.

Even the best software can’t recognize every word, though, so SpinVox has human operators who step in and translate when it doesn’t understand something, and then actually learns from the operator’s example, expanding its multilingual vocabulary. SpinVox accounts charge by the number of messages you have translated per month, and can be used on any phone or mobile device. Interested? They offer a free trial on their website here.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 10 April 2008 )
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